310s stainless steel sheet

310S Stainless Steel Sheet

Grade 310S stainless steel sheets are austenitic stainless steels that are chromium-nickel based. It is also called the 1.4845 sheet.

Because of the higher percentage of chromium and nickel, it has much better strength, can work continuously at high temperature, and has good high temperature resistance.

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As a leading China nickel based alloys and stainless steel sheets supplier, SEATHER manufactures and produces different sizes and grades of stainless steel sheets.

The stainless steel sheets are generally steel sheets products with a thickness less than 3mm.

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310S Stainless Steel Sheet Chemical Composition

The chemical components of grade 310S stainless steel sheet is summarized in the following table:

310SASTM A276≤0.08≤1.500≤2.00≤0.035≤0.03024.00-26.0019.00-22.00

310S Stainless Steel Sheet Mechanical Properties

DensityMelting PointTensile StrengthYield Strength (0.2%Offset)Elongation
7.9 g/cm31402 °C (2555 °F)Psi – 75000 , MPa – 515Psi – 30000 , MPa – 20540 %

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310S Stainless Steel Sheet: The Ultimate Guide

When you choose to buy quality 310s stainless steel sheets, there have some important points we need to know before we get started.

So enjoy the read…

What are 310s stainless steel sheets?

Grade 310S stainless steel sheets and plates are austenitic stainless steels that are chromium-nickel based.

It is best known to have high as well as good oxidation resistance.

Grade 310S stainless steel sheets are also renowned to resist temperatures ranging up to 1149 Deg C or 2100 deg F in incessant services.

It also has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance.

The austenitic stainless steel adds carbon content, the strength is improved due to its solid solution strengthening effect.

What are the applications that 310s stainless steel sheets can be used?

  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plant Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Indusry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Refining Industry

Features of 310s stainless steel sheets

The 310S stainless steel sheets offer several notable features that make them a popular choice in various applications.

Here are some key features of 310S stainless steel sheets:

High temperature resistance: 310S stainless steel is known for its excellent resistance to high temperatures. It can withstand elevated temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F) without significant deformation or loss of strength. This makes it suitable for applications in heat treatment equipment, furnaces, and exhaust systems.

Corrosion resistance: The addition of chromium and nickel in the composition of 310S stainless steel provides excellent resistance to corrosion, including oxidation and sulfidation. It resists attack from both reducing and oxidizing environments, making it suitable for use in harsh and corrosive conditions.

Oxidation resistance: 310S stainless steel contains a high amount of chromium, which forms a protective oxide layer on the surface of the material. This oxide layer helps to resist oxidation at high temperatures, enhancing the material’s longevity and performance in heat-intensive environments.

Good mechanical properties: 310S stainless steel offers good mechanical properties, including high tensile strength and excellent toughness. It retains its strength and integrity even at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for structural components subjected to thermal stress.

Overall, the 310S stainless steel sheets provide exceptional performance in high-temperature and corrosive environments, making them a reliable choice for demanding applications that require strength, durability, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

310s stainless steel sheet standards comparison table

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