Engineering Consulting Services

Seather offers offers engineering and design consulting services that helps you create custom nickel alloy and stainless steel parts that cost less & perform better.

engineering consulting services


Why Choose SEATHER

In Seather, our priority is to provide a complete custom nickel alloy and stainless steel parts engineering solution including total 2D and 3D design. Our engineering and design tools include a complete design solution including AutoCAD, UG, Pro-E and Solidworks.

Our professional team engineers can help deliver our customers with fast, clear and professional looking technical formats.

We can also provide these drawings in a variety of different types to suit your demands whether it be the SLDPRT, dwg format or pdf file.

As one of the leading stainless steel and nickel alloy customized provider in China, SEATHER will always bring you professional solution for you.

SEATHER specializes in manufacturing nickel alloy and stainless steel products for global industries, provider of professional solutions in heat exchanger and custom pipe spool fabrication, export to Europe and North America, offering consultations, analysis, design, quality assurance and One-stop global logistic services.

SEATHER has younger, more passionate and innovating expert team than any other existing old alloys competitors. We keep upgrading our manufacturing equipment lines and minds to serve worldwide customers in over 80 countries.

More Manufacturing & Engineering Services

We manufacture and supply customized products and provide surface treatment services according to customer specifications and industry standards. We are an efficient and cost-effective one-stop solution provider with the scale and capability to deliver integrated services.

assembly test services

Assembly & Test

SEATHER has developed into a enterprise that can design and manufacture custom metal parts with complex structures and assemble them into the final perfect product.

cad design and 3d modeling services

Design & Modeling Service

Our highly experienced CAD designers and engineers utilize engineering oriented 3D Modeling software to create customers’ new product designs.

sheet metal fabrication

Metal Fabrication Service

SEATHER’s custom sheet metal fabrication services offer a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects.

sourcing and supply service

Sourcing & Supply

Highly experienced at managing complex supply chains on behalf of customers. Specializes in metal annual contracts and blanket orders. 

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