Quality Control

Building a competitive advantage through quality management

Building a competitive advantage through quality management

SEATHER’s materials all from China and world top quality steel factories, with original MTC and all the certification file. The source is total transparent and tracable to customer, before shipment we invite third-party such as SGS, TUV or customer poiint inspection company to make the final test on quality follow standard requirement, to make sure our material all is quality guarranted to customer. SEATHER, your relaible supply chain of alloys and stainless steels always.

quality control

Quality Management

Every Seather alloy and stainless steel products comply with global standards through strict QC inspections, building a foundation for customer trust.

raw materials checking

1.Raw Materials Checking

In order to ensure the quality of the production stainless steel and alloys materials, the incoming acceptance inspections are strictly and carefully inspected by specialized quality inspectors in accordance with the specified inspection content, inspection methods and inspection quantities.

custom tube sheet inspection

2.Production Quality Checking

In the process of product quality monitoring in the production process, the quality of the produced products is effectively controlled, and inspections are carried out according to the procedures to prevent the outflow of unqualified products and ensure that the final products meet the qualified requirements.

pre-shipment inspection

3.Pre-Shipment Inspection

Before the product is shipped, in order to ensure that the shipped product meets the customer’s quality requirements, the product is inspected, and the product that has passed the inspection can be released for shipment. Inspection result records can be provided upon customer request.

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