Sheet Metal Fabrication

SEATHER’s custom sheet metal fabrication services offer a fast and cost-effective solution for your projects.

sheet metal fabrication


Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

With our extensive experience in custom sheet metal fabrication and our advanced equipment. We can handle precision sheet metal fabrication projects for any industry.

metal bending service

Metal Bending

At Seather, our metal bending services provide the exact shape that is needed from various different types of sheet and pipe.

metal cutting service

Metal Cutting

At Seather, our metal cutting services provide the exact shape and size that is needed from various different types of bars, sheets, plates and pipes.

metal welding service

Metal Welding

We specialize in advanced TIG welding of stainless steel and nickel alloys with additional strengths in MIG welding, copper brazing, and soldering. Our welders are expert fabricators capable of delivering jewelry store quality weldments.

metal punching service

Metal Punching

At SEATHER, our CNC punching services provide the exact shape that is needed from various different types of sheet metal.

Why Choose Us for Sheet Metal Fabrication?

The Top 4 Reasons:

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Strength and Durability

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials & Finishes

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Sheet Metal Fabrication Materials

Nickel based alloys are also referred to as ni-based superalloys due to their outstanding strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Nickel and nickel based alloys are used for a wide variety of applications, the majority of which involve corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

Stainless steel, any one of a family of alloy steels usually containing 10 to 30 percent chromium.

It has the characteristics of good processing performance and high toughness, and is widely used in industries.

finishing services

Sheet Metal Fabrication Finishes

  • Mirror polishing
  • Wire drawing
  • Galvanizing
  • Anodizing
  • Black oxide coating
  • Chrome plating
  • Electroplating
  • Powder coating
  • Sandblasting
  • Laser engraving
  • Printing

Get Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Parts Done

in 4 Simple Steps

Upload Design Files

STL , STEP (.stp), IGES (.igs), (.ZIP), or PDF. Also be a sample or an idea


Quote & Design Analysis

Seather expert team will analyze your design and send you pricing


Manufacturing Begins

We will begin the manufacturing process after you accept our quote. We also offer finishing options


On-Time Delivery

Keeping delivery promises, approved by 1800+ global industries end users.


Applications of Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal products have the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, electrical conductivity, low cost, and good mass production performance.

For example, in computer cases, mobile phones, and shields, sheet metal is an essential component.

They are also used in manufacturing medical devices, car and truck (van) bodies, aircraft fuselages and wings, medical tables, building roofs (architecture), and many other applications.

Anyway, the sheet metal is used in practically every industry.

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