Honestly, if it is your first time to find a quality alloys and stainless steels manufacturer, it is a sure way that you have some questions. So, read on and learn more!

About Alloys & Stainless Steels Raw Materials

Q1. What is the MOQ of alloys and stainless steel products I can order?

If the raw materials are ready on stock, the MOQ will be less. 500kgs is available. Free sample is workable. If you need customized products, the trial order will be discussed.

Q2. Can I get some sample for the size and testing purposes?

Yes, we recommend that you test our materials products before you purchase them. This ensures that you get the right tolerance, grade, size and the design you desire. You can request both our exist samples or custom samples, custom samples may need charges.

Q3. Can you also provide aluminum or titanium products for us?

SEATHER provides sourcing and supply services for all your metal projects. With our offices, resources and long experience we are able to offer several added value services also to all those companies that already have experience in importing from China, and that have in their portfolio various Chinese suppliers for a long time.

About Manufacturing

Q1. What is SEATHER custom sheet metal fabrication process?

Sheet metal fabrication is a series of manufacturing techniques turning all metal sheets into functional products by using different processing methods.

Furthermore, the process of sheet metal fabrication is quite tricky and employs professionalism.

SEATHER starts the process through a piece of sheet metal that shapes into desired objects and ends up forming or assembling into solid and durable products.

Q2. What welding services can SEATHER provide for sheet metal fabrication?

SEATHER offers welding services including:

Spot welding
TIG welding
MIG welding

Q3. Can you provide product design for us?

Currently we can provide design services. After receiving your drawings, we can provide a manufacturing feasibility analysis (DFM) and processing suggestions for the customer to optimize the design.

About Terms & Conditions

Q1. Which payment options do you have?

Our company accepts normally T/T and L/C payments. Call or email us if you need to use any new payment procedures.

Q2. Do you have any sales agreement?

Yes. We have a sales agreement that has all the terms and conditions. By signing the contract, our client agrees to be bound by that agreement. You must go through the agreement well before making any payment.

Q3. What are your inspection terms?

All our metal products will be received subject to inspection or rejection by the client. All non-conforming or defective goods will be held by SEATHER expense, and you can bring or send them back to us. We also accept third party inspection (SGS, TUV) as well.

General FAQS

Q1. What grade of alloy and stainless steel does your offer?

At SEATHER, We offer vast super alloys and products options for our clients. That ensures that you have an array of options for your products. Call or Email us today to confirm any solution your want or visit our product and alloy page to view some of the choices we have.

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